Original Equipment Manufacturers, Technology & Service Providers, Suppliers of raw materials, Assemblers, Distributors...

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Visitors at Solar South, many of whom are supported by Govt...
Solar South
June 19, 20 & 21, 2015

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Solar South is a tremendous marketing and branding opportunity you can leverage at a minimal investment...

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An exhibition which offers a tremendous opportunity for stakeholders in the Solar Energy space. An event where you come together to connect, collaborate, create mutual opportunities and gain better access to a sunrise industry exploding with possibilities.

Solar South will bring together manufacturers, traders, distributors, consultants, installation experts and virtually everyone directly or indirectly associated with the alternative power generation involving Solar Energy.


With a proven track record of outstanding success in B2B trade shows and marketing initiatives in India...

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Why Solar Energy?

Why is Solar energy becoming so critical? With so much free energy generated by the sun, countries...

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What makes the Chennai Trade Centre Unique?

Very close to the international Airport.
Extremely central location; easy access since it is a hub of industrial growth...


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Solar News

  • Bengaluru's Chinnaswamy stadium: World's first Solar Powered cricket ground

    - The Economic Times
  • Government Aims to target for creating 60 GW of Wind Energy

    - www.greentechmedia.com
  • MCC chops old tree to make way for solar panel

    - The Times of India (Chennai)
  • Government Aims to Generate 1 lakh Mega Watt of Solar Power

    - Energy Alternatives India (EAI)
  • Wind energy companies Gamesa, Suzlon & Mytrah infusing huge funds into solar energy

    - The Economic Times
  • AMRR Dhal Mill in Theni district, Used Solar Energy to process 300 bags of Urad Dhal a day

    - The Hindu
  • Power demands may rise from the present 120 GW to 315-335 GW by 2017

    - Indian Mirror
  • Madurai restaurant chain plans Rs. 250 crore solar energy plant with Chinese JV

    - Times of India
  • Kochi, to initiate the much delayed ‘Solar City’ project

    - Deccanchronicle.com
  • South Indian city of Anantapur to go solar and save $1 million per year

    - Indiasolarmarket.com
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